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evlilvxn wrote in garyfacebook

If Gary DOESNT join facebook i will give him 2 dollars and sex every day for a year.

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What the Effing Crap?! Why do you not want Gary to experience the joy of Facebook? We have such pleasures to show him....

lol....i just like going against the grain....

Go against the grain? But you are on twitter?!!!!!!

oh and because i want you to lose the bet and have to buy him dinner ;)

See that is a more understandable reason than going against the grain miss iphone. :P

(Deleted comment)
If I win the bet, I'll buy you TWO!

Now, now, Fuzzy - all's fair in love and war, and you know that's what this is. A war. We're just going to have to join forces and work harder.

Now let's see...what could we offer Gary that's better than sex and money?

*grasping at straws*

oh this I gotta hear......I might just hold out so I can hear the stuff you all come up with.

um....rock n roll???

no no i dont think that'll work...

::sits back, curious::

And yet here you all are on LJ begging me to join,and we are having a grand 'ole time........why should I bother?

the fact that you would use booty as a means to an end hurts me.

really? but women have been doing that for AGES.....really im not doing anything new.

plus im also offering you 2 technically you're getting paid to sleep with me...

I have more than that in the cupholder in the truck, I'll pass thanks.....

I'll double that offer!

$4 and sex twice a night for a year. Hmmm. How are you going to fit Annie in? I mean, Gary will be taking up all your time for the next 365, right?

lol ill tell you what.....

allow me to take video of that and we have a deal. I hear the market for "bear cubs" is pretty sweet.

Ill have our house paid off in no time!

Ugh... on second thought, maybe this group was a terrible idea. I'm NOT going to be able to get that image out of my head....

*rips eyes out*

*stomps on them*

*pours bleach in eye-sockets*

yargh...i need a sad face icon.

You're jealous of Gary?

isnt everyone a little jealous of gary???

he has a whole LJ community dedicated to him :)

Connecticut winter nights are dark and lonely! And I could really use the $4!

Gary - if you join Facebook, not only will you put me out of the awkward situation of having my boyfriend fuck a married man twice nightly, but ACT NOW and you'll receive DOUBLE this special TV offer of Vril!

You know all we need to do is hack Gary's e-mail and we can force a facebook profile on Gary

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