My fellow members, a call to arms...

Apparently we continue to be underestimated.  But do not give up!  We may be smaller, we may be weaker, but just like the Rebel Alliance, we WILL ultimately triumph.  And why?  Because we have heart.  And balls of steel.  And because the Empire has brains only one-third the size of ours.  It's science. 

If you haven't joined our community, join.  If you haven't told all your friends about us, tell them.  Remember, this is for Gary, who is our friend - and who deserves to know how much fun he's missing out on by not being on Facebook with us.  Friends don't let friends not be on Facebook.

Man your ships...and may the Force be with you!

Our rally was a success!

The North Jersey chapter of the Get Gary on Facebook Alliance had a rally in Elmwood Park this weekend, and the turnout was really great.  Members from all over the Northeast were in attendance, and the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware chapters all sent delegates in a show of their support. 

The garyfacebook LJ group didn't disappoint - list members evlilvxn , falcania , fuzzy1313 and sophrosyne999  were all in attendance.  A great time was had by all, but more importantly, we really got the word out about how Gary desperately needs to be on facebook. 

Remember folks, this is a battle we CAN win!  Spread the word!  Join the cause!
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Hey, uh, Gary...?

I don't know who the heck you are, and it more or less doesn't matter, but your frends are right, dude: You need to join Facebook. I'm a member. It's awesome, man. Remember all those people you said you'd never see until you were all burning in hell together after you left high school? Most of 'em are on Facebook, and a couple of 'em are cooler than you remember. What the heck are you waiting for? Complete strangers are tellingyou what to do - it's a friggin' sign, Gary! Join Facebook, already!

Hey, Gary! Join Facebook!

First off, thanks to sophrosyne999  for actually setting this community up. 

Second... Gary, join facebook.

Third... Seriously, Gary, join facebook.  All the cool kids are going it.  Whether they call it "getting a facebook account, "getting all facey-spacey", or "cheezing", it is all the rage.  You just CANNOT be cool if you don't have a facebook. 

Fourth... c'mon, if you join facebook I will give you a dollar.