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Hey, Gary! Join Facebook!
fuzzy1313 wrote in garyfacebook
First off, thanks to sophrosyne999  for actually setting this community up. 

Second... Gary, join facebook.

Third... Seriously, Gary, join facebook.  All the cool kids are going it.  Whether they call it "getting a facebook account, "getting all facey-spacey", or "cheezing", it is all the rage.  You just CANNOT be cool if you don't have a facebook. 

Fourth... c'mon, if you join facebook I will give you a dollar.

Hey Gary! Join Facebook!
amy not amused
friggasgirl wrote in garyfacebook
You know, I'm tired of posting pictures and the only person un-tagged is Gary.

Just get a fucking account. OK?

(no subject)
evlilvxn wrote in garyfacebook

If Gary DOESNT join facebook i will give him 2 dollars and sex every day for a year.

Hey, uh, Gary...?
xvfui wrote in garyfacebook
I don't know who the heck you are, and it more or less doesn't matter, but your frends are right, dude: You need to join Facebook. I'm a member. It's awesome, man. Remember all those people you said you'd never see until you were all burning in hell together after you left high school? Most of 'em are on Facebook, and a couple of 'em are cooler than you remember. What the heck are you waiting for? Complete strangers are tellingyou what to do - it's a friggin' sign, Gary! Join Facebook, already!

Welcome to the Get Gary on Facebook community
sophrosyne999 wrote in garyfacebook
A big hello and welcome to all our new members!   :-)  Thank you for joining, and keep fighting the good fight!