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My fellow members, a call to arms...
sophrosyne999 wrote in garyfacebook
Apparently we continue to be underestimated.  But do not give up!  We may be smaller, we may be weaker, but just like the Rebel Alliance, we WILL ultimately triumph.  And why?  Because we have heart.  And balls of steel.  And because the Empire has brains only one-third the size of ours.  It's science. 

If you haven't joined our community, join.  If you haven't told all your friends about us, tell them.  Remember, this is for Gary, who is our friend - and who deserves to know how much fun he's missing out on by not being on Facebook with us.  Friends don't let friends not be on Facebook.

Man your ships...and may the Force be with you!

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I mentioned it in another post, but I think someone said it would be a waste of time, I forget why. Hmmm....maybe we should reconsider that? ;-)

I think it would be worth while. *nods*

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