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evlilvxn wrote in garyfacebook

If Gary DOESNT join facebook i will give him 2 dollars and sex every day for a year.

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My ideas are never terrible. Now put your eyes back in your head and focus.


all part of my evil plan....

pollute joes brain with a terrible image and then get him all excited with the promise of face humping an RKNer.

if he's able to regain focus ill have to bring out the big guns and start talking about fisting :)

LOL I think you should just do that anyway...we'll call a temporary truce just long enough to see if you can give him night terrors. (teehee) dont know about joes unnatural obsession with fisting, do you????

says the person who has brought it up 2x........

the only reason i bring it up so much is because you never let me do it to you :)

you go first..............

Ohhhh, mean he LOVES fisting? No, I hadn't heard - but I'm definitely intrigued.

I just happen to think that fisting is just about the funniest thing ever. I think I just saw Caligula when I was too young.....

She was gonna have to find out eventually.

true true.....better here in a safe environment than on the streets.

Great. Thanks, Lisa. Now Rebecca has to die.

lol no she doesnt. We all know and still love you. What makes you think she'd be any different????

Relax, Fuzzy. I was only gonna get blown up in that car bomb, anyway... ;-)

Besides, fisting is hilarious. Carry on.

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